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unreal_u_bullet.gif (425 bytes) Infinite Machine Licenses Unreal Engine  Mar 10th 1999
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Game developer Infinite Machine, Inc. today announced its licensing of Epic Games' Unreal engine for its upcoming third-person 3D action shooter. The game will be published by GT Interactive Software Corp. (Nasdaq: GTIS - news) and released in 2000. Infinite Machine is a California-based game development house founded by Justin Chin, designer of Dark Forces II: Jedi Knight game and Jedi Knight programmer Che-Yuan Wang. Read the full GT press release HERE.

unreal_u_bullet.gif (425 bytes) Knowledge Adventure Title Announced  Feb 18th 1999
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Knowledge Adventure has announced that they are using the Unreal Engine to create Dr. Brain™ Thinking Games: Action/Reaction, a new edutainment title designed for kids ages 10 and up. The title was demonstrated this week at Intel´s Pentium III Processor Preview Day. Knowledge Adventure is a leader in multimedia educational software having created the very popular Math Blaster® and JumpStart Learning System™ game series. Read the full Knowledge Adventure press release HERE.

unreal_u_bullet.gif (425 bytes) Unreal Tournament on Pentium® III Feb 18th 1999
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At Intel´s Pentium® III Processor Preview Day, Epic participated by showing Unreal Tournament which has been optimized for the Pentium III processor.   The Pentium III optimized version of Unreal Tournament was also shown at the S3 stand with high resolution S3TC textures. Both technologies will appear in the final release version of Unreal Tournament and will be incorporated into the Unreal Engine for the use of Epic's licensees.

unreal_u_bullet.gif (425 bytes) Gamespot Eyes Unreal on Savage4  Feb 11th 1999
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Gamespot today features a story about the new S3 Savage4 card demonstrated running Unreal at the Milia show in Cannes, France. Unreal Tournament will include specially-created high-resolution 24-bit compressed textures for S3TC-enabled cards, such as the Savage4, producing a level of detail (as this reporter noticed) "simply never seen before". Read the Gamespot story HERE.

unreal_u_bullet.gif (425 bytes) GT's Unreal Tournament site  Feb 8th 1999
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GT Interactive has launched their official Unreal Tournament web site. Head on over  HERE to check it out. The "shocked" version of the site features some of the voices you'll hear while playing Unreal Tournament.

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