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black_square.gif (185 bytes) unreal_u_bullet.gif (425 bytes) Rune to use the Unreal Engine!  Jan 19th 1999
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Epic Games and Human Head Studios announce RUNE, a new game using Unreal technology to raid the PC market in 2000. Click HERE to read the full news release.

unreal_u_bullet.gif (425 bytes) Fusion Map Pack Released!  Jan 16th 1999
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Tired of the same old deathmatch maps? Epic has released the Fusion Map pack with 6 new killer multiplayer maps. Click HERE to download.

unreal_u_bullet.gif (425 bytes) Unreal - MAC Game of the Year!  Jan 6th 1999
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Macworld has named Unreal the 1998 Mac Game of the Year! Special thanks to Westlake Interactive for the amazing Mac port of Unreal! Check back in a few weeks when our online store reopens if you would like to purchase Unreal online!

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