Getting your Unreal Server

to be seen by other Unreal players

in the Multi-Player Console? 



There are three issues that can cause problems with this.




Issue 1 – Does Your ISP Allow Game Servers?


Some Internet Service Providers (especially DSL) simply don’t support or allow game servers!


Before you sign-up for expensive Broad-Band (High-Speed) Internet service, BE SURE that they

allow customers to operate a Hobbyist style “Game Server”. 


If you already have High-Speed Internet service then check with your ISP to be sure that this is allowed.




Issue 2 – Are you “Advertising” your Server?



You can check this out one of these two ways:


·         In the UnrealGold Game Console, under “Start a new Multi-player Game”   be sure the "Advertise Server" box checked is checked.





·         In advanced options Check this setting:   Networking\Master Server Uplink\DoUplink = True







Issue 3 – Are you behind a Firewall or Router?


Do you Have Windows XP?


·         If your behind a Router then you may have to setup “Port Forwarding”  or “Virtual server” for the router to work with your games server.  REFER TO THE ROUTER’S INSTUCTIONS!


·         If you have a Firewall (other than the Windows XP firewall) then refer to the instructions that came with it for setting up ports to allow specific traffic though.



If you Have Windows XP…

Windows XP has a built-in firewall.   If it’s enabled it BLOCKS Unreal traffic from  your internet connection.


You have two basic options for dealing with this:


Option 1

Turn the Windows XP firewall completely off.  This is easier,

  but not recommended, unless you decide to use another firewall, such as  Sygate.



Option 2

Configure the firewall to allow Unreal traffic to come to your PC.


Here’s how…




<<Find your “Computer Name”>>


Before you can configure the Firewall you'll need to your computer's identification.  This is NOT the brand name of your PC but rather how your PC is identified on a network.


To find your “Full Computer Name”:


1.        Open your Control Panel


2.       If your Control Panel says "Pick a Category" at the top, then Click "Switch to Classic View" (in the left column).


3.       Double click the "System"  icon.  This opens the "System Properties"  window.


4.       Click the "Computer Name" tab at the top.  


5.       About half way down on this page you'll see "Full computer name:"      Be sure to write this down; you'll need it later.   (There’s also a “change” button to rename the computer if you want).







<<Configure the Windows XP Firewall to work with an Unreal Server>>


1.        Open the Control Panel then open "Network Connections"


2.       Locate the Icon for your internet connection.  It will either be listed as "Dial-up" or as a "Local Area Connection" if you have DSL or Cable.


3.       Right-Click on the icon then click "Properties".   You'll get a window with three tabs.   Click on the "Advanced" tab.


4.       The top of this page says "Internet Connetion Firewall".  There is most likely a check in the little box indicating that this option is turned on.


5.       Now, to completely turn off the firewall (see recommended above), simply un-check this little box and click "OK".


6.       To configure the firewall to allow Unreal Traffic,   Click the "Settings" button (bottom right corner) and you'll get an "Advanced Settings" window with three tabs.   The "Services" tab should already be up front.


7.       Click the "Add" button and you'll get a "Service Settings" window.  You'll have to add two different services using this window.


8.       Add these two services: then click “OK”:



·         Your “Full computer name”    is the computer name that you looked up earlier.


·         Be sure to select “UDP”   not  TCP




9.        Last step!   Just keep Clicking "OK" until you exit all the windows.   You’re Done!



Your server should now be able to uplink to the Master Server and other players should be able to join your game!