<<Unreal Editor Patch for UnrealGold>>


If you have UnrealGold then chances are the Unreal Editor that shipped with your game doesn’t work.

You need to download and install the “UnrealEdfix4” patch to fix the problem.



If you don’t have it then, download it here.





<<Installing the Patch>>



Before you start… turn off (or disable) your anti-virus program!





Step 1)  Double Click the file.






Step 2) Click  the [OK] button






Step 3)  Be sure the Directory is set to c:\UnrealGold


Step 4)  Click This button.




Step 5)  The progress window opens and shows the progress.  Just let it do it’s thing.




Note: You may get a window warning you that “pre-existing  files will be replaced….”  Click the [Yes] button

and It should install just fine.    If it doesn’t, then see the section below entitled “If the Installation Fails”





Step 6)  When the Setup Program is finished, Click [OK].




Step 7)  Re-enable your Anti-Virus program.


Step 8)  Your Unreal Editor should now open and work fine!










<<If the Installation Fails>>


Try this:


1.      Open the UnrealGold Folder.

2.      Find the file named  “unrealed.exe”.

3.      Delete the file (send it to the Recycle Bin).

4.      Try to re-install the UnrealEdFix4.