Making a PackHunter

By Tentacle-HunteR



Section I:    General Info


First of all you may be wondering ďwhy do I need to make a PackHunter; isnít that a regular Unreal monster pawn?Ē  The answer is:  well, yes and no!


You see, the PackHunter is a Upak monster.  It is a regular monster for Unreal Gold and can be summoned just fine on a Gold Server, but NOT on a 224/225 server.  This means if you want to add a PackHunter to a mod or map that you plan on sharing then DONíT use the PackHunter that came with Unreal Gold.


Instead just make one!


Itís easy to do, since a PackHunter is nothing more that a mutated SkaarjWarrior.







Section II  -  Making the Packhunter


Be aware that the steps for making a PackHunter are slightly different for a mod versus a map.






1) Create a subclass below SkaarjWarrior and name it something unique like:  "XPackHunter" or "MyPackHunter"


2) Change the following default settings:



            AttitudeToPlayer          ATTITUDE_Ignore   (This is default for a PackHunter but is really optional)



            CollisionHeight 18.4

            CollisionRadius 14.0



            Drawscale        0.4

            Fatness             150



            MenuName      PackHunter


3)  Save your Package. 








1)  In the map, Add a SkaarjWarrior. 



2) Then simply change the following default settings:



            AttitudeToPlayer          ATTITUDE_Ignore    (This is the default for a PackHunter but is really optional)



            MAKE NO CHANGES!                     (see note below about this setting)



            Drawscale        0.4

            Fatness             150



            Health              525                  (see note below about this setting)

            MenuName      PackHunter






Section III  -  Notes


<<Important Note about collision settings & health>>


In a mod, when you create a new creature, the health setting that you set will be the health setting of the creature when it is summoned in a game.  No other settings seem to affect it.


This is NOT the same for a creature that you mutate in a map.


In a map, if you place a creature and then change the drawscale, other settings are also affected!

The collision settings and the health of the pawn are also rescaled to match the new size.   Therefore, you DO NOT have to change the Collision settings.     HOWEVER, if you want the monster to have itís original health in a game, then you will have to calculate and reset the health.


I had to learn this the hard way!


It works like this:


        If the pawns original health is 210 and you reset the DrawScale to be 0.4 (40%),  then when you play the map, the health will be 84  in the gameÖeven though the health setting still says 210!



In other words, for this example:    1 divided by 0.4 = 2.5


        Now take your scaling factor and multiply it by the default health setting:

For this example:  210 times 2.5 = 525


        So you need to set the health setting at 525.


This way when the map is played in a game, and the pawn is scaled down to 40%,  the game engine will also scale the health setting of 525 down to 40% which gives you a final health setting of 210.




This works the same whether scaling up or down. 

You will always divide 1 by the DrawScale to get the scaling factor of the health.


I sure hope this helps and makes sense!