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Chi-Com RPG-7

The RPG-7 is an infantry-portable light antitank weapon capable of breaching the armor of a main battle tank at 300 meters. A single shot weapon, the RPG consists of an explosive charge that launches a rocket-propelled warhead from an over-the-shoulder tube. The rocket has no tracking capability, and must be aimed carefully. The warhead consists of a large charge of high explosive, which gives it an additional antipersonnel effect.

If you're like me, you get a little nervous when you realise that you don't have anything in your arsenal capable of destroying a main battle tank or an armored personnel carrier. Rest easy with the RPG-7 - I've yet to find anything it won't kill with a direct hit, including those damned Titans. Unfortunately, that firepower comes at a price - a big price. You've got to know the ropes to have a hope of using one of these without killing yourself or your teammates. First up, this thing is made out of a lot of explosives - the propellant and the warhead both. If it gets shot, it may well just explode - in your hands, or slung on your back. Suffice it to say that this can ruin your whole day. Second, know about backblast. This rocket weighs a hell of a lot, and the explosive charge is throwing it pretty damn fast. In order to keep the recoil from breaking your shoulder, the tube is vented in the back - so all that energy comes out in the form of a shockwave of superheated gas. In short, anybody standing behind you is history. Third, this is a single shot weapon, it's difficult to find, and it's so bulky and heavy that you can't carry more than one at a time. Miss and suffer some major embarassment.