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Mk.67 Fragmentation Grenade

The Mk.67 is the standard issue fragmentation effect hand grenade for many armed forces of the world. Featuring a 4-second delay fuse and a large lethal blast radius, the grenade is the infantryman's indirect fire weapon.

Hand grenades are the infantryman's indirect fire weapon. As the old saying goes, "When in doubt, frag it out." If you've got second thoughts about entering a room, try tossing a grenade in first to clear the air. At a minimum, it'll flush anybody out into the open - at best, it'll flush little meaty giblets of whoever USED to be there out into the open.

The Mk.67 does two types of damage, the least dangerous of the two being the blast itself. Anyone close enough to the explosion will take damage from the overpressure wave, which falls off as a function of distance. The second, more lethal effect is the fragmentation of the grenade body. This produces high velocity shrapnel in all directions around the grenade. Because the shrapnel bounces off walls, grenades are more lethal in tight confined spaces than they are out in the open - one grenade can completely deny an entire hallway or small room. If you can't see the grenade you are -probably- safe, unless you catch some reflected shrapnel. When dodging, work on getting something solid between you and the grenade, as opposed to merely getting more distance from it.

If you hear that distinctive 'Tunk' of a grenade bouncing to a stop at your feet, you'd best unass the area post-haste. Flip side is, if you're the one throwing the grenade, you might not want to give them the chance to escape. Altfire is the key. Normally, the longer you hold down fire, the harder you throw the grenade once you release it - but you don't release the handle until you throw, and so you've always got 4 seconds from the throw to the explosion. Altfire is similar, except you release the handle after pulling the pin, so those 4 seconds are counting down while the grenade is in your hand. I recommend releasing the button and throwing at about 2 seconds - any later and you're likely to eat some of the damage. If for some strange reason you hold the altfire button for the full 4 seconds... well... I grant it's a spectacular way to commit suicide.