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Glock 17

The Glock is a popular choice for law enforcement and security officers, combining an impressive 17-round magazine with an ergonomic shape and simple controls.

The Glock is your basic high-capacity double-stack 9mm. This offers the advantage of carrying PLENTY of ammunition - 17+1 rounds in a semiautomatic pistol works out to mean that this gun needs reloaded less often than any other weapon in the game. Also nice is the fact that the gun is quick handling, quite accurate, and has a relatively flat trajectory. The recoil is light enough to allow a high rate of aimed, controllable fire. Unfortunately, the 9x19mm cartridge is a bit lacking in terms of firepower - with normal FMJ hardball loads, don't expect a lot of takedown from it.

Heckler & Koch MP-5

This is the MP-2000 variant of the MP-5 family, firing from an open bolt for superior cooling. The MP-5 offers single, three shot burst or fully automatic fire from it's 30-round magazine. Short, maneuverable and concealable, it is practically standard issue for terrorist and anti-terrorist organizations.

The MP-5 is just plain fun. Nothing compares to opening up full-auto and watching the brass fly, even if it's over all too soon. *IF* you can keep that brief stream of lead on a target, it's most certainly curtains for him or her - three to five hits should put an unarmored player down for the count. The problem is that with a cyclic rate of 900 rounds per minute, and a clip capacity of 30 rounds, you'll find that you've got well under 3 seconds of full auto fire per clip. Stretch that ammo by using short, controlled bursts - try not to spray any more than necessary to get the job done. As a pistol, the MP-5 is somewhat lacking despite it's 30 round capacity. Firing from an open bolt results in a significant loss of accuracy, which is very frustrating when squeezing off single shots at any significant range. The MP-5 is really at it's best in close quarters, much like the Ithaca.

Both the Glock 17 and the MP-5 are chambered for 9mm.

Metric Dimensions: 9x19mm
Bullet Weight: 115 Grains
Bullet Velocity: 1155 Feet Per Second
Total kinetic energy at the muzzle: 341 foot pounds
Relative Stopping Power (RSP) index: 58
Marshall's One Shot Stop percentage: 63%
Serpentine Damage Factor: 20
A box of 9x19mm ammunition This is a cardboard box containing 50 rounds of 9x19mm ammunition. One of these is quite sufficient for the Glock, but won't quite fill two clips for the MP-5.
A can of 9x19mm ammunition This is a sealed ammunition can, filled with loose-packed 9x19mm Parabellum ammo - it contains 150 rounds. These cans will be on the top of your shopping list if your preferred weapon is the MP-5. One of these cans is damn near a lifetime supply for the Glock.