Dispersion Pistol The Dispersion Pistol is the first weapon you'll find. Most likely, it was dropped by some unfortunate guard. Power-up add-on's can significantly increase this weapon's lethality! Another bonus is the Dispersion Pistol can light up darkened areas if you are without a flashlight. Primary-15 per projectile
Secondary-30 per projectile
Auto Mag The Auto Mag strikes it's target instantaneously, which is what you need against a fast moving foe. It's secondary fire doubles the firing rate, at the cost of poorer accuracy. It holds 2 clips of ammo at once, making reloading less frequent. Primary-17 per projectile
Secondary-17 per projectile
Stinger Making use of Tarydium Shards, the Stinger fires a steady stream of pain at whomever you chose. Or if you wish, use the secondary mode to spray the shards, similar to a shotgun.Primary-14 per projectile
Secondary-14 per projectile
ASMD The only weapon you'll find with THREE modes of fire, the converted mining tool, the ASMD dishes out the hurt a very cool third fire mode. Shoot the secondary blast, then hit it with the primary projectile. You'll be rewarded with a purple-ish blast that clears the area really well! Primary-55 per projectile
Secondary-30 per projectile
Eightball This one rocks! With the Eightball you can hold down the fire button in either mode to load up 6 projectiles at once, then release and watch the show! The primary rockets even seek out their hapless targets, locking on for your enjoyment. Also, when you are loading up 6 rounds at once, hold down the primary fire button before release, and all the rockets will be launched in a tight circle pattern.Primary-85 per projectile
Secondary-100 per projectile
Flak CannonVery similar to the Eightball, but the Flak Cannon shoots out shrapnel that will chew up most anything. The secondary mode launches a dense ball of shrapnel that explodes on contact, clearing out the area of whatever was there! A personal fav of mine!Primary-70 per projectile
Secondary-30 per projectile
RazorjackA fun weapon to play with, but cast it aside if your life is on the line. I've never had much use for the Razorjack. The projectiles bounce off walls and things, and in secondary mode, even home in on your target a bit, so long as you continue to guide it.Primary-30 per projectile
Secondary-30 per projectile
GES BioRifleIt's like playing with fluorescent mud pies, the
GES BioRifle is a hoot. The goop sticks to anything, and explodes moments later, and in secondary mode, you can dish out almost as much goop at a time as you wish! The Tarydium waste it shoots floats in water, but travels poorly through it. Use another weapon if you are underwater.
Primary-60 per projectile
Secondary-75 per projectile
Assault RifleAh, my fav!! The Assault Rifle will pop those bad-guy heads off like popcorn! 100 hit points of hurt if you can manage it. And you gotta love that zoom feature in secondary mode. There's nothing like capping a baddie from afar and watching him fall. Primary-45 per projectile
(100 for head shot)
Secondary-Zoom mode
MinigunHmmmm...not much to get excited about here. Just a glorified Auto Mag really. The Minigun may spit out those bullets fast, but it doesn't dish out the hurt. I sometimes forget this weapon even exists. It's certainly one I never "summon" in cheat mode.
A big yawn. Stick with the Assault Rifle! :o)
Primary-17 per projectile
Secondary-17 per projectile