Here's an interesting fact within the game. Did you know that the missles fired by the Warlord are supplied by Canada? They are called PEACEMAKER missles. Want proof? Click here
Note the small Canada flag!

And take a look at the picture below....

Have you ever seen that pic in the game? Maybe not, because you really need to go hunting for it. You'll find it in the Unreal level "Nali Boat". Make sure you have a searchlight with you, because this Skaarj sign is in one of those dark tunnels your boat goes through. Just keep looking on the port side. :o)

Now here's a question for you. What do the numbers 2612 mean on the FlakShell Box casing shown on the right? Is that the year they were made? Or does it describe the calibre of the shell? Same goes for the 3547 on the box of bullets. I don't know, but if someone out there does, EMAIL ME!! 

Want to try playing Unreal a different way? Try this:
Use the "invisible 1" cheat, then the ""ghost" cheat, then hover about 20 feet above the ground. Next, type "summon skaarjwarrior" into the console. A Skaarjwarrior will appear and drop down to the ground. Next, type "summon brute". A Brute will now appear and drop to the ground and land on the Skaarjwarrior.

Now the fun begins. The two beasts will now fight to the death. Try this with other creatures! One thing to note - You can't get the same creature type to fight, just different ones. (The only exception to this rule is the Skaarj Berserker. He'll fight anything that moves!)

So, try matching up a Krall vs a Mercenary, or how about a Titan vs a Queen!
TIP:Edit the unreal.ini file in the system folder and bind the "summon" command to a single key. That way, you can create monsters with one keystroke. (eg: NumPad4=summon skaarjgunner)
If you have any questions regarding how to do all this, just email me and I'll be happy to answer your questions.

Have you ever wanted to make your text look like the letters in the Unreal logo? Well, now you can, cuz thanks to Rah'Dick, the Unreal Font is now here. It's a Truetype Font, and all you have to do is place it into your C:/windows/fonts folder. Click here to download.

Have you seen Max Payne yet? Believe the hype, cuz it's cool...and the hype is all about Max Payne's "Bullet Time". At the click of a button you can slow down the action while still maintaining full speed control of your mouse, making aiming at multiple bad-guys a breeze.

But did you know Unreal had this feature years ago? Yup, but it was hidden. A little known cheat code called slomo. All you have to do is bind the slomo command to two keys. Bind one key "slomo 0.2" and another "slomo 1". Now, when you hit the first key (slomo 0.2), the action takes place at about 20% slower than normal. You can make it any number you want. And hit the second key to return to normal speed, (1.0). And yes, numbers higher than 1.0 make everything faster!

So now you can have that Matrix style gameplay in Unreal at the touch of a button. And remember, Unreal does one better than Max Payne. By binding the "playersonly" cheat to a key, you can freeze-frame the action anytime you want.
Eat that one, Max!!

Perhaps you didn't know that back when the game first came out, Pocket Books produced 2 books based on the Unreal universe. Hard Crash and Prophet's Power. Both books were actually quite good, but with only one problem...the covers got swapped in publication! Click here and you can read the author's story in his own words about the foul-up.