Here it is, the world of Unreal like you've never seen it.
Actual screenshots of the levels linked together as closely as I could without altering them.
As you can see, you cover quite a bit of ground in your quest to escape from Na Pali. Start at the bottom from your starship, the Vortex Rikers, and trace your journey north.

Bluff EversmokingDasa PassDasa CellarsNali Boat
Velora PassBluff EversmokingNali CastleNali BoatSkaarj Mothership
SkytownSpire VillageSunspireWarlord LairDemon CraterSkaarj Mothership
Harobed VillageNoork's ElbowVandora's TempleTrench
Dark ArenaChizra's TempleChizra's ChambersRrajigar's DepthsRrajigar Mines
Sacred PassageNyleve Falls
Nyleve Falls