Pupea are really just baby Skaarj. But don't think them to be all cute and cuddly. Far from it. Pupea will bite, leap and attack you in droves, viciously mauling you. Nasty little critters, I hate them. They remind me of spiders! Yipes!!
The Krall is one of my favs, for personal reasons. He's dang smart, and won't hesitate to call for back-up or flee when injured. And I love the staff-twirling they can pull off. One thing I've noticed, they are very nice when they play dice. I have never seen an argument break out!
Krall Elite
Just like their lesser brethren, the Krall Elite have their stuff together. And I'm sure their extra body constitition doesn't hurt their attitude either! It's a good thing they are not as common as the lesser ranks.
The Mercenary is one smart cookie. He'll deek and jump to make himself a hard target, and run when the going gets tough. So, it's a good this your Eightball rocket is faster than him!
Mercenary Elite
The Mercenary Elite is even more clever than the regular version, cuz he can shoot you while he has his Invulnerability Sheild on! so you'll have to be extra sneeky and cap this guy when he shows a weakness.....if he ever does!
The Slith inhabit the watery areas of Na Pali. At home on both land and water, they prefer to stalk their prey in water, since their swimming skills are unmatched. Their acid spit is most toxic to you, so be sure to clean out it's mouth with an Eightball round!
Lesser Brute
Your first real chalenge, the Lesser Brute will give you a good whooping if you don't take it out fast. Just keep your distance and dodge his rockets, and you'll bring him down.
A step up from the Lesser brute, the Brute will whoop your butt, unless you master the strafe move. Minor weapons won't do you much good here, so hopefully you have aquired some meatier weapons before you face this beast.
Think of the Behemoth as a Brute on steriods!! You're in for a real fun time with this piggy! Unleash all you got and hopefully you'll take him down before he makes stew out of you!
Well, we won't debate as to what kind of gas the Gasbag fires at you...all we'll say is that it hurts! It's toxic, no matter what body orifice it came out of. An Eightball works wonders against them, otherwise, use an instant-hit weapon, cuz they dodge slower projectiles easily.
Giant Gasbag
A big windbag for sure, the Giant Gasbag is not more of a good thing! More than double the hit points, it will take alot of damage to bring this sucker down. Don't ask me how the Giant Gasbag got into the Nali Castle Tower, cuz he's too big to get out. Maybe he was just a baby when he was first put there.
Skaarj Warrior
The Skarrj!! The masters of Na Pali. Fearsome, dominate, and full of attitude. The basic Skaarj warrior is a handful, leaping and dodging everything you can throw at it. If his claw, lunge, or spin attack don't kill you, his projectile attack probably will! Let's rock!
Skaarj Scout
Probably the weakest of the Skaarj family. But he's still more than enough for you to handle. Note the red tattoo on their right chest. I'm not sure why it's there. Maybe it's just the blood stain from his last victim!
Skaarj Assassin
Very similar visually to the Skaarj Lord, but not as tough, the Skaarj Assassin will still whoop your butt if you don't take him out quickly. Forget using weapons with a long impact time with any Skaarj. They dodge too well. Instead, use instant-hit weaopns like the Rifle or ASMD.
Ice Skaarj
Found usually in colder climates, the Ice Skaarj still won't pass up greasing your hide in a warmer clime! He'll track you down no matter where you go. So, for being so tenatious, reward him with a Rifle round between his eyes! Remember to watch his head go POP!
Skaarj Lord
The Skaarj Lord is a natural leader, usually found when you are jumped by multiple Skaarj. Tougher than nails and packing alot of hurt, he'll make short work of you, unless you are skilled with your weapons. So, either dispach this guy fast, or run like heck!
Skaarj Berserker
The biggest, baddest Skaarj, the Berserker is huge, and extremely violent. In fact, if you can manage it, he'll even attack his own kind. The Skaarj Berserker will attack anything that moves. Nothing will stop this guy, except death, so give it to him!
Skaarj Trooper
Very similar to the Officer, the Skaarj Trooper usually has just a Dispersion Pistol. Thankfully, I have never run into one that had modifications made to his Pistol. That would not be good!
Skaarj Officer
These baddies that are out to make your day real bad. The Skaarj Elite Guards are highly intelligent, agile and full of attitude. The Skaarj Officer is the weakest of the bunch, but can wield the hardest hitting weapons. Show no mercy!
Skaarj Infantry
Usually armed with a Stinger, the Skaarj Infantry packs a mean punch. He always seems to make his Stinger's secondary fire mode work faster than I can! Maybe he cheats, I dunno! Make him pay, just in case he is!!
Skaarj Gunner
The 2nd best of the Elite Skaarj class, the Skaarj Gunner has a heck of alot of constitution. And the fact that he wields the Eightball well doesn't help you either! The only good thing is once you drop him, he'll drop his Eightball for you to use. If you can drop him first!
Skaarj Sniper
This guy is your worst nightmare. Not only is he Skarrj, but he has a Rifle and he knows how to use it! He'll make your head go POP unless you can take him out first. Don't stop moving while blasting this guy. Unload all you have on him.