Positions Available

News Flash!!!   2-28-03

PITBULL – Dedicated Mapper / Crystal Castles Original Map Pack
Pit has just accepted this coveted position!  We welcome him into our CC Family and know we'll see some great maps from him.  He also promises to hold true to the spirit of the original Crystal Castles game!  We know he'll come up with some awesome running CC maps  :)  For a list of some other maps he's done for DM, including UT conversion maps, click here.

Positions Available

>< Game Building Team

~ Animations Specialist ~
* OPEN *
We are slowly learning the “ins & outs” of animating (weapons, items, pawns).   If you can offer us some assistance we’d like to welcome you.  If you’re into actually creating some items as well (from scratch) this is also a bonus!  Although I’m not personally in the gaming industry, I know this would be a perfect avenue to building your “animation” portfolio, and impress the gaming community with your skills with a game that’s played online.  

If you’re interested, contact [NDP] BoZo at Bozo@NewDefinitionsOfPain.com or me (UnLeaded) at Plaidman@hotmail.com

>< Map Building Team ><

~ 80's Arcade Director ~
* OPEN *
We could use a director for our 80’s Arcade Map Pack (renditions of games between 1979-1989).  Although most people who would have played the originals would most likely be over the age of 25, anyone is welcome who feels that they can do a kick-a** job!  

80s Map Pack requirements:
The only requirement for these maps is that it’s obvious that the maps are renditions of levels of the original games. Of course some of the originals are very simple, so creative enhancements are welcome!  For an example of what can be done from just a simple game level design see our current CC Orig maps here.

 * * * UPDATE * * *

We're opening up this category (80's Arcade) to anyone who'd like to do a map for us.  So if you'd like to do just a single map for us, see our list of 80's Arcade Games, here.

~ Medieval Director ~
* OPEN *
We may fill this pack with some of the best castle (for the most part) maps already in Unreal, unless we come across someone with just the right fit. :)  Hopefully this person can design many different types of medieval time maps, such as castles, outdoors, or even some other creative designs that would we haven't even thought of yet that fit the Medieval theme!

Medieval Pack requirements:
The only requirement for these maps is they are believably Medieval. These maps can also be outdoors (woods) maps as well, not necessarily castles only. Texturing is very important to fit this theme (so you won't find say modern concrete or paved & painted roads in these maps).

If you’re interested, contact Pitbull at Pitbull@Quickdog.net.  Let us know what maps you’ve done also, or if it’s not currently public feel free to send us a “small” zipped sample.

~ Crystalizing Specialists ~
* OPEN *

We have positions open for "Crystalizers" for CC.  Basically this position involves laying out the gems in an orderly grid style fashion.  The process can take anywhere from 1-3 hours (much quicker if you're good with numbers ;) )for each map to make the map look awesome.  For a general feel you can take a look at the original game from Atari, and see how it was done. But more specifically, and for Unreal "scale", check out our page "Crystalizing Maps".   If we like the map, you'll have your credit for crystalizing, IE - Author: So and So, Crystalized by YOU.