Crystal Castles for Unreal

~ Crystal Castles - Weapons ~

The Stunner

A weapon given to you by the Wizard, this is Bentley’s first line of defense against insurmountable odds, as it literally stuns (freezes in place) whoever he shoots with it.  It’s best used when you’re outnumbered and need to escape or if you need to obtain an item being sought after that you’re fighting to obtain.  The stunner is a strategic weapon.  Although it doesn’t kill, it can be used greatly to your advantage.  

*Strategy note: The person you stun cannot be killed while stunned, he will be invulnerable, so instead of trying to kill him race ahead and score points while he's stunned!

The Crystal Stinger

A weapon modified by the Wizard, it may be the most powerful weapon in your arsenal.  This weapon uses the gems you harvest (for the king) as ammo, turning them into deadly projectiles with lightning speed only the gods would be able to avoid.  If you’re able to find this weapon, have no fear…

This weapon has 4 firing modes:

Sapphire Fire:     Lightning fast re-fire rate, a machine gun barrage of deadly crystal spikes. An accurate shooter will be a devastating foe using this fire mode.  This mode has unlimited range.

Ruby Fire:          This projectile works by pounding its victim's heart and causing it to explode. Without armor, no more than 2 or 3 shots can you survive.  This mode has a limited range.

Emerald Fire:     Similar to a shotgun dispersion, this mode sends out deadly spikes in a cone pattern.  The target is sure to be hit by one or two of them if within a reasonable range.  Survival rate at a very close range where it's victim gets hit by all the spikes is very low.  Although this mode has unlimited range, it's accuracy diminishes greatly in relation to it's distance from it's target. 

Diamond Fire:    Simple explanation- you get hit by the diamond juggernaut, you won't be getting up (except to respawn).  The Wizard has turned the hardest substance on earth into the most devastating force in existence.  Very few creatures can survive just one blow, and all mortals are completely obliterated with just one hit.  This mode has an unlimited range, but the re-fire rate is slow, so make sure your shots count.  Consider this mode your "BFG".


Fire Mode Re-Fire Rate Damage Range
Diamond * * * * * * * * * *
Ruby * * * * * * *
Emerald * * * * * * * * *
Sapphire * * * * * * * * *

The Wizard X

While Bentley was visiting the Wizard, he slept the night and awoke with one of his weapons that he had collected altered…enhanced by the Wizard.  The Wizard had told him that the weapon was now more powerful, and told him that the key to unlocking the weapon’s full power was to remember that there is “strength” in numbers.  Not knowing exactly what this meant at the time, he took the gun and moved along on his journey.

The Witch’s Brew Gun (v2)

Bentley was told of this gun and its power.  He was told that a few shots from this gun and the unfortunate soul would disintegrate on contact.   He was also told that the gun could also freeze you and make you completely vulnerable, whereby ensuring imminent death.  With the Wizards spell upon him, he can now turn the weapon against the Witch and her minions.

Other Weapons

Along his travels the Witch has displaced Bentley in different times and space.  He has collected from these areas the various weapons, all of which seem odd to him but yet somehow familiar…

~ Crystal Castles - Special Items ~

The Hope Gem

This is the Magical Gem (named by the king “Hope”) given to the King and enhanced by the Wizard to spread happiness throughout his kingdom.   But before the King made his escape from the evil Witch, she cast a curse upon the Gem whereby instead of spreading joy the Gem (when put into the light) will steal life from those around its possessor.  The king has lost many of his men from this gem, but he has given it to you, in hope of being able to use it against the witch’s minions.  But he warns you to only take it out when among your enemies.

*Along your travels you meet the Wizard, who has modified the gem once again at your request, so that it no longer steals life but rather steals your foe's riches.

The Magic (Wizard) Hat

This hat gives Bentley the power of Invulnerability!!  But because he is not a “true” wizard its effects are only temporary.  It activates upon being put on and cannot be reused.  Pick it up when you really need it or to get out of a tight spot.

The Witch’s Broom    

The Wizard has cast a spell on you that allows you to use the Witch’s broom to Fly!!  He was warned you though, that although you may be able to activate the broom, the witch has put a defensive measure that renders it useless after its time has expired, so be careful while in flight!

~ Crystal Castles – The Points ~

Point Type

Minion (player) Kill

~ Crystal Castles – Health & Armor ~


A Bear has to eat, and Bentley is no exception.  Pick as many of these as you like and eat them when you like, but be warned, like any food, don’t wait too long, it may expire!

V2- One of the better sources of protein for Bentley, and it offers more health for him as well.

Honey Pot (superhealth) +100
Bentley’s favorite!  It boosts him with Super Energy! Find this item for a massive dose of adrenaline!


Armor & Shielding:

Knight Shield

This is the standard shield given to Bentley by the Knights.   Although it’s not extraordinary, it does its job of giving Bentley some protection.

Knight's Chest Plate

The standard chest plate for the King's knights, it supplies a reasonable amount of protection against those aiming for Bentley's heart!


~ Crystal Castles – Other Items ~

Water Breathing Potion Given to him by the Wizard, drinking this potion enables Bentley to breathe underwater .  When he drinks it he also assisted by a magical fairy that warns him when the potion has died down and he needs to "get to the surface".