Crystal Castles – The Crew

CC Builder of the Month
June 2003
* * * * * BOZO * * * * *

UnLeaded   Shawn Downey
Director / Coordinator / Planner
Current Status: "King Arthur"

Yes, I’m the madman behind the whole Crystal Castles concept!!!  Including the acceptance of “most” of what goes into it.  (Barring the times I ask for something from my crew that just “can’t” be done, LMAO!!)  Although I originally thought of the concept of blending an 80’s arcade game with this modern (although, yes, it’s 5 years old now) FPS, "none" of it would be possible without the three people right below.  :)

 Wolfgang Schloyer
Master Coder / Master Coder / Master Coder
Current Status: "Lead Knight"

Let’s put it this way, he’s our master coder.  If he doesn’t know a way of doing something, more than likely it can’t be done!!!  And yes, if you haven’t seen his work, you also haven’t played Unreal! Very few people have done as much for Unreal 1 as this guy has (except for the guy also below him :))  For an "extensive" list of impressive coding he's done take a look here.  He is the “backbone” of Crystal Castles and also one "helluva" guy! (and "currently" single ladies! ;0)

<NDP> BOZO    Gerald "Lance" Tindall
Project Lead- 3D Animationist / Compiler / Coder / (have I missed anything BoZ?)
Current Status: "Wizard"

What can we say about this guy, he took our mod and made it his own!  He quickly jumped over our hurdles and improved our original concepts for the game.  He has an excellent eye for detail, from everything to the look of the game, to the workings of the code.  To us (Wolf and I) our Wizard has arrived!  We just hope he sticks around to help us defeat Berthilda!   :)   Not only did he come and give us the answers we needed but also offered ideas for the game as well! (ie- The Stunner).  Between BoZ and I look for some great new items in the game in the upcoming future.

Richard Conley    Richard Conley
Master Gem Designer
Current Status: "Knight"

The “amazing” gems found in Crystal Castles are the masterful creations of Richard.  Richard is an AutoCAD Engineer who as such was very much “overqualified” for such a thing as making gems for our game.  But frankly it’s a testament to what a great guy he is.  A few of the gems are actually his “personal” designs.  Although he only wished to offer the gems to us, we are very much grateful for providing us with his “true” gems!  The gem on the left is his own personal latest design, the Ruzicka.

CC Mapping Team

CC Mapper of the Month
June 2003
* * * * * P I T B U L L * * * * *
(unfortunately we lost Leecipher to other distractions (probably groupies), but that's OK we wish him well :))

* 04/28/03 *
The CC Crew would like to welcome Lee "Fusion" Timms to our Crew!  Lee will be doing at least one (maybe more ;) map for our Medieval Map Pack.

Pitbull aka DadDog  Doug Zeager
Mapping Director &
CC Original Level Director

Current Status: "Bentley"

After seeing only his first map we were quickly convinced he had the right stuff and made him our Director for our CC Original Levels.  He's also assured us that with every map we'll see something even more spectacular than the previous maps!  If anyone can accomplish this, we think he can :)  All this and he's still able to keep the levels authentic!  Very impressive!!

Lee "Fusion" Timms
Medieval Map Pack
Current Status: "Recently Knighted"

Well I have to admit, with over 2500 maps in Unreal when I was told of Lee's work in DmDestory it didn't come to mind right away.  But then I opened up the map and saw the great layout he created and thought he's a perfect match for CC :)  He's also contributed some work on DmDrakus, a map we may use for CC!  He's worked and learned from a long list of great mappers as well.  With his specialty being castles, we imagine him creating a spectacular castle for us.  He hinted he may like to do the Winchestor Castle ;)  And ladies, he drives one "sweet" ride...  :)

Positions Available!