Credits & Thank Yous

KDS (Kamakaze Death Soldiers) Clan

They have been gracious enough to not only let us use their resources but sponsor us as well! (even after leaving Unreal 1!). We owe them much gratitude.  It's our hope that they might rejoin Unreal 1 as a result of our efforts with Crystal Castles, but we'll just have to wait and see.  The KDS clan was very instrumental in unifying Unreal 1, and even though they've left they still play a part in keeping Unreal 1 alive.  It was through their efforts that the game was directed toward the philosophy of being fun and fair, and we hope that Crystal Castles fits this description as well  :)

If you're interested in joining or playing with a clan that believes in both fun and fair play, be sure to check them out!  :) OR   Currently they play both Unreal Tournament and UT2003.

NDP (New Definitions of Pain) Clan TCP (The Clan Punisher) Clan
* For letting us borrow BOZO, aka- "Master of Poopdom" For letting us borrow Wolf, aka- "Mia the Chaotic"

* We'd also like to thank "Mrs>BOZO", for letting us pull him away from his other "duties" (yes, sorry girls, he's broken...I mean...taken :))

The Unreal "1" Community - Keeping the first "Innovative" FPS alive!

Unreal was a game that supposedly took 4 years in the making!  This is an unheard of timeline for games of today.  But the result is that they doubled the bar for quality graphics in games.  The people that have stayed faithful to Unreal 1 stay faithful for a reason, for it is truly remains the most creative of all the Unreal games, whereas the games that followed were more commercialized and less innovative in design and features.  So we thank the remaining Unreal community for remaining in a game that is worthy of our time. And the Crystal Castles team hopes we can keep those faithful players entertained with a new game type that will provide even more entertainment- made especially for Unreal 1.

Franz X. Lanzinger & Atari

Of course we would be ridiculously "remiss" if we didn't thank the creator of the game that inspired us to create Crystal Castles for Unreal!!  And of course we have to thank Atari for approving the concept of the game and making it available so that everyone could enjoy it.  If only the had made more games like it- Crystal Castles "2"  Mr. Lanzinger ? :)  Hehe, if you'd like to see a Crystal Castles "2" email him, here's his email address !