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GoldGuardian - IP based Unreal client protection by Hyper.nl

UPDATE: 226fGuardian has been removed and GoldGuardian is obsolete. Usage is NOT recommended anymore.

Unreal Gold and Unreal 226f are network incompatible with each other. When you connect a 226f server with a Gold client, or vice versa, the client gets a crash to desktop. (general protection fault) Because of this problem server administrators are advised to avoid to use Unreal 226f and Gold for servers. Some admins however are unwilling or not aware of the problem and keep using the 226/Gold servers.

GoldGuardian is a known IP block list to block Unreal 226f servers for the P2P IP filtering tool ProtoWall (http://bluetack.co.uk), and 226fGuardian does the opposite: It blocks known Unreal Gold servers to prevent your Unreal 226f client from crashing.
WARNING: Because GoldGuardian and 226fGuardian filter at IP level, any possible wanted traffic with the block listed IP addresses are also being blocked. This includes for example instant messages or other servers those IP's might have.

The block list will be updated from time to time when new servers are detected or when server admins decide to patch to 225f/224v.

The block list is a simple text file which can easily be edited with Notepad. The layout is:

For individual IP addresses:
<comment>:<IP address>

For IP address ranges:
<comment>:<first IP address from range>-<last IP address from range>

Message for server administrators: Read the server tips at my site to convert your server to Unreal version 224v or 225f. When you think you are undeservedly block listed, please drop me an e-mail (address on main page) and you can be unlisted as quickly as humanly possible. (Don't try instant messages, because these might get blocked as well)

Ouch! Another Unreal 226f server!

ProtoWall blocks the servers in the GoldGuardian/226fGuardian list.

Download and install

Only download when you play online!

Download ProtoWall
Download the GoldGuardian block list (ONLY intended to protect Unreal Gold clients)

Installation: Read the included instructions and visit http://bluetack.co.uk/pwhelp for the ProtoWall installation instruction.



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