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Note: All files are in 7-zip (.7z) format. You need a 7-zip compatible archiver like IZArc (freeware) or WinRAR (shareware) to extract the files.


Skins marked with * are in use at the Hyper servers.
Install instruction: Put the .utx files to your Unreal Textures folder and put the .int files to your Unreal System folder.

Necris skins pack (preview) *
Skin pack by Exiled. This race of white-skinned aliens has long considered the human race a thorn in their side. The humans started the fight with the Necris - and the Necris intend to finish it.

Necris Revisions (preview) *
Skin pack by Exiled. Fixed some things with two of the skins from the first pack. This is really only for people who liked these particular skins and would like to host them on a server. Otherwise, don't download and yes, Malakai is supposed to not have Necris eyes.

The Necris 2 (preview) *
Skin pack by Exiled. A small extension to the above skin pack.

Iron Guard (preview)
Skin pack by Exiled. The team from Unreal Tournament, as seen pre-tournament.

Thunder Crash (Preview)
The team from Unreal Tournament, as seen pre-tournament.

Unreal Hidden Skins Pack *
Unlocked skins of Unreal, by TheEmperorStalwartUK. Unreal contains a set of skins that are not accessible via the normal menu's. This pack finally allows you to use these hidden skins in the game. This pack works as any other custom skin pack, so when installed right, they can be used online.

JTHM Skin pack (preview)
Small skin set by Oblivion

Nali Skin Pack (preview)
Set of skins for the Nali player by Oblivion

Nali skin pack 2 (preview)
Another set of Nali skins by Oblivion

LessThanHuman skins (preview)
Skin pack by <Human. These skins are an adaptation of Unreal Tournament's War Machine skins to the Unreal platform.


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