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Note: All files are in 7-zip (.7z) format. You need a 7-zip compatible archiver like IZArc (freeware) or WinRAR (shareware) to extract the files.


Unreal Shareware (Size: 122 MB)
Shareware version of Unreal, bundled with the original SoundBlaster Live! cards. Also known as "Unreal Special Edition" demo.

Shareware OEM Demo: NoCD (10.3 KB)
This is a simple patch by Delacroix that removes the CD check from the Shareware demo of Unreal, included with Creative sound cards and some other hardware.

Unreal TechDemo 1995 (Size: 2.27 MB)
A unique piece of Unreal's history: A playable technology demo from 1995. The demo contains 5 never seen before maps with textures and music that did not make it into the final game. Thanks TheEmperorStalwartUK for sending me the file! View the screenshots of this demo.

Unreal Beta 1997/98 (Size: 141 MB)
Big Unreal demo from 1997, leaked in 1998. An entire beta Unreal version including UnrealED. With many working levels and some levels that are not working or not completed yet. It's really nice to see how some levels have been improved from this beta on and sad to see that some very good levels have been scrapped later. It also included levels of Return to NaPali, but at that time it was still one game. An interesting find is that there are some hub levels with access to more than one level. The monsters have different textures and there is also a "Dinosaurus bird" (Hawk) pawn. The controls are horrible, and you are advised to change them in the autoexec.mac file. When you want to see it in full glory you'll need to run Glide or the Glide wrapper. Overall can really recommend to try this baby out, especially when you are interested in the history of the game.
Check the included UnPass.ini file for the password which is needed for the first run.

Unreal Beta 1997/98 map fix (Size: 3.59 MB)
Fix for 3 of the maps that crash while loading, or shortly afterward: Found98.unr, Foundry.unr, and Ruins.unr. Made by Argh!

Unreal S3TC TechDemo maps (Size: 105 MB)
Unique demo made by S3 to showcase the possibilities of high-resolution S3TC textures in Unreal.
Note: This demo requires the OldUnreal Multimedia Patch (OMP) with OpenGL be installed and S3TC activated. You'll also need a 3D graphics card that supports S3TC. (All Radeons, GeForces, Savages and Parhelia's do)
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